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First in an expected series of installation videos goes online. TN International Debuts Roof Installation Video
First in an expected series of installation videos goes online.
Entitled “Innovations in bituminous roofing - self-adhesive and torch-safe systems”, the new video focuses on TN International’s (TNi’s) engineered roofing systems, manufactured by Börner in Germany, and their correct methods of application to ensure a safe, watertight installation.
Featuring key products from TNi’s specification portfolio, which was designed with safety and performance in mind, the video takes architects and contractors through priming the deck substrate and installing DACO KSD-B self-adhesive vapour control layer, to the spraying of insulation adhesive and laying of insulation boards and angle fillets where the horizontal substrate meets vertical upstands.
The process continues with the installation of DACO KSU+ self-adhesive underlay, and details the optional DACO KSU-DUO underlay which can be used in colder months. It then features the subsequent application of either DACO KSO+ self-adhesive cap sheet or POLY ELAST PV 250 S5 torch-on cap sheet, including valuable information about safe installation in roof perimeter zones in accordance with the NFRC’s Safe2Torch guidelines.
TNI’s key specification systems are BBA certified (certificate No: 21/5879) and achieve Broof T4 fire classification. The comprehensive video also details self-adhesive membrane innovations such as TNi’s safe-seal lap technology and includes a physical demonstration of the benefits of graphite technology in suppressing the spread of flames on a roof.
The installation video is broken down into key chapters to provide an exceptionally user-friendly experience and enable each of the waterproofing system components to be easily found and viewed.

Lasting eight minutes, the full video can be viewed within the video section of TNi’s roofing website -

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