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Flat Roofing and Metal Sheeting & Cladding - David Roy
Roofconsult was set up in 2001 by the current managing director David Roy, as an independent roofing and cladding consultancy specialising in flat roofing and metal sheeting & cladding. The company was incorporated in 2003. David is a Fellow of Institute of Roofing and for over twenty years, was a member of the technical department of a major national roofing and cladding contractor, for five years as Technical Director.
Roofconsult Limited
Mobile: 07813 567265
Slating and Tiling -Claire Lawson claire
Claire Lawsone MIoR, is the Managing Director of VersaTileConsultants Ltd, Claire has helped many of the top Developers, Builders, and Roofing contractors in the UK along with many home owners, to solve their pitched roofing related problems. Claire was a Slater & Tiler and then became Product Trainer at Redland Roof Tiles for 6 years then moved over into their Technical Department with Redland for 5 years, producing specifications and problem solving.

Mobile: 07886017060
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