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David Roy, Director of Roofconsult, is delighted to announce a collaboration between MCRMA Members - Building Envelope Consultants and Roofconsult. Exciting Partnership AnnouncementExciting Partnership Announcement
For those who know David, you might recall his journey over the past 50 years in the roofing industry. His history with Steven McGurgan, Director of Building Envelope Consultants, goes back several years when Steven was a previous client.
The following calculations are carried out by Building Envelope Consultants on behalf of Roofconsult, who will continue to monitor and check.
Calculations in accordance with National Standards:-
Wind Load Analysis for roofs and walls
Snow Load Analysis for roofs
U-Value and Thermal / condensation risk analysis Calculations
Roof drainage calculations
Secondary / tertiary steel design and all corresponding fixing requirments
General & Specialist Services:-
Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
Structural Calculation Reviews
Cladding / Façade Structural Shop Drawing Reviews
On speaking with David, he told the MCRMA:
"We've seen each other evolve, and in our industry, trust and expertise are the cornerstones of success, and that's precisely what Steven and I bring to the table. I've been a proud member of MCRMA for eight years now, and I can't emphasise enough the benefits of networking within this community. It's where you can find trusted partners like Steven. It's a platform that allows us to share our knowledge, ideas, and experiences for the betterment of our industry.”
On speaking with Steven, he told the MCRMA:
‘’Since our inception in 2018, David, with his reputation within the industry has been invaluable for the development of our business & this is a perfect example of collaboration at its best. We (Building Envelope Consultants Ltd) are continually adding to our ever-growing list of services and we are extremely grateful for this opportunity.’
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