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An 18-year partnership has seen Elevate supply its 1,000th container of RubberCover EPDM to distributor PermaRoof UK. Elevate and Permaroof UK Celebrate Milestone Sale
Elevate, formerly known as Firestone Building Products, has been manufacturing RubberCover EPDM for more than 40 years. The single-ply roofing membrane is designed for residential flat roofs up to 100 sq m. Flexible and permanently elastic with elongation of up to 300%, it offers excellent puncture, tear and UV resistance.
Since 2005, Elevate and PermaRoof UK have been working together to supply RubberCover EPDM to the residential sector where it has rapidly grown in popularity.
“Our partnership began when bituminous felt was largely dominating the market,” explained Adrian Buttress from PermaRoof UK. “A lot of our customers were starting to look for alternative products offering more durability and RubberCover EPDM was the perfect solution.
“Since then, sales have kept gathering momentum driven by various factors. Not only have our customers been attracted by the longevity of the system, but the environmental benefits and ease of installation, particularly the fact it’s flame free and can be applied without any field seaming.”
As one of the UK’s biggest distributors of RubberCover EPDM, PermaRoof UK advises both stockists and installers on the full system, including all the roof build up components such as the recently launched Resista MG insulation boards.
Philip Moors, Managing Director of Elevate UK and Ireland, added: “The 1,000th container milestone is testament to the strength of our partnership and the innovation behind RubberCover EPDM. Over the past 18 years, this has seen the membrane installed on more than 12 million sq ft of UK roof space.
“Looking ahead, we will continue to build on our successful relationship with PermaRoof UK to help customers create more durable roofs, including the supply of new innovations, which will see us grow our presence in the commercial sector.”
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