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We have carried out the calculations detailed in BS 6399:Part 2:1997 for some of the main roof configurations likely to be encountered in practice. The calculations are based on the Standard Method .

We have then calculated the maximum bracket centres for Ashgrid, the results of the calculations are shown in a series of tables. The results are generally conservative, and often a more rigorous calculation may produce a more cost effective design.
You can view the relevant table by selecting the basic data required and then click the View button below.
Wind Speed
Select Nearest Town
Height above sea level (m)



Distance from sea (km)

Purlin Centres

Results required for

To view more details of the standard and the assumption made in the preparation of the tables click here
If you are not sure of the height above sea level or distance from the sea for your project then contact David Roy with either the Post Code or Grid Reference, and we will e-mail you the information.
If you would like your own software for wind load calculations click here for more details.
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