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SIG Design & Technology has launched a fifth RIBA CPD seminar, Liquid Waterproofing: Choosing the Best Solution. Approved as part of RIBA’s Core Curriculum, this latest seminar seeks to build a useful structure to the roof specification and design process to ensure maximum longevity when specifying liquid waterproofing systems. New RIBA Liquid Waterproofing CPD From SIG Design & Technology
A step by step process explains how to arrive at the best solution in any circumstance, including when to specify liquid waterproofing. The hour-long presentation (including a Q & A) looks at how to establish the client’s brief, how to ensure compliance with British Standards and Code of Practice, and how to make the right cost decisions.
A range of case studies from new build projects to the refurbishment of listed buildings illustrates best practice when choosing the best liquid product for your project, including green roofing options. The CPD also addresses common problems with detailing, compatibility and interfaces, and how to avoid them. There’s a checklist of what manufacturer support to expect, both technically and on site, plus further sources of information.

SIG Design & Technology offers four other RIBA approved CPD seminars:

  • A structured approach to roof specification and design
  • Roof refurbishment: choosing the best solution
  • Natural roofing slate: effective specification
  • Specifying hard metals: choosing the right product for the project
About SIG Design & Technology
SIG Design & Technology is part of SIG Roofing, a leading division of SIG plc, a FTSE 250 listed company and the UK’s market leading specialist supplier to professionals in the building and construction industry. We design and supply flat roofing solutions including green roofing, zinc, copper and stainless steel roofing and cladding and pitched roof coverings including natural slate and clay tiles.
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