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Continuous Barrel Vault rooflight systems from Jet Cox have been chosen for 3 new distribution centres belonging to one of Europe’s leading retailers. Jet Cox Shedding Light at Lidl Distribution Centres
Lidl are growing fast in the UK and have recently commissioned work on 3 new regional distribution centres, in Southampton, Newton Aycliffe and Wednesbury – all of which have utilised continuous barrel vault rooflights from Jet Cox.
Jet Cox and Jet Group, are a regular partner Rooflight supplier with Lidl, installing its full range of systems on facilities across the whole of Europe.
Continuous Polycarbonate Barrel Vaults have been installed at the Southampton facility, incorporating a Polycarbonate Sprinkler Ceiling. 2000m of Barrel Vaults were installed across the entire roofscape, in accordance with Lidl’s light and fire performance criteria. Jet Cox’s extensive manufacturing capabilities enabled the system to be supplied in 3 weeks following sign-off of the final design, at prices comparable to alternative systems of lower specification. The installation was carried out by Jet Cox’s experienced European and UK teams, working together to deliver a complete Rooflight system on program and with all elements overseen by the UK contract management team. They worked closely alongside the sprinkler system designer to ensure correct positioning of the integral sprinkler ceiling, and also with the roofing contractor to overcome the logistical challenges posed by the British winter weather.
A similar system has been installed at Newton Aycliffe with an integral safety system and also at Wednesbury where the installation includes Jet Cox upstand kerbs, which ensure a fully integrated and secure unit down to roof deck level.
All Jet Cox Barrel Vaults are manufactured and tailored to individual requirements and offer a light source of unlimited length, in widths ranging from 600mm to 7000mm. The system is supplied as a complete kit of tailor-made components, keeping installation times to a minimum.
Manufactured in accordance with BS EN 1026, 1027 and 12211, the system also allows for special configuration and changes in direction.
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